Old Country Boys

Meet the Old Country Boys

Bass - Mark Burmeister

Kevin grew up with a pair of drumsticks in his hands. He has been drumming different styles of music all over the United States for over 35 years. When you see him play, it's obvious he loves what he does.

Drums - Kevin Eastburn

Where would we be with out that low end? Mark has played with many musicians, many styles of music, and spanning several decades. He brings a lot of experience to the stage.

Fluent with the upright, electric, and acoustic bass, he's got the right instrument for any setting.

When I see people in the crowd have that "WOW, I haven't heard that song ever played live!" look on their face, it's priceless!  When we have a group of people in their 20's packing the dance floor and singing along word for word, it confirms to me that the Country Classics are alive and well.

Although he's been playing guitar since he was 15, he's brand new to the band scene. He loves his old telecasters. Gregg uses them to give you a good dose of twang covered country. He also rivals his brother in his love of blue cheese. Wash it all down with an ice cold greyhound.

It all started around January of 2015. These YOUNG boys decided they wanted to play some OLD Country. This is music we grew up on, loved, and left us inspired. More than a year later, we've found that many share our love of this particular brand of Country Music. We assemble at least 2 times a month to spread fun and music.

In this short time, we've played bars, benefits, block parties, birthdays, breweries, retirement parties, rodeos, county fairs, grand openings, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, and yes....one baby shower.

We ALWAYS have fun. That is why we do it.  Crowd participation is important to us, and we know how to get a crowd to dust off' that dance floor!

Although not entirely strict to our format, you can

expect to hear the following:

Merle Haggard - Waylon Jennings - Johnny Cash - George Jones

Hank Williams Sr and Jr - Johnny Paycheck​ - Don Williams

Bellamy Brothers - Charlie Daniels - ​Roger Miller - Dwight Yoakam

Vern Gosdin - Freddy Fender - Jerry Reed - Kenny Rogers

Dave Dudley - David Allen Coe - ​Junior Brown - Alabama

John Denver

The shelves of Jeff's cerebral country music library began to get stocked circa 1969 at the age of 4. Through the speakers of his dad's shop radio tuned to KDHL FM, it was constant country music playing 24/7. The ON/OFF and TUNING knobs could have just as well been removed. When he wasn't singing along to the country classics, he had a makeshift guitar/microphone (aka tennis racket) trying to impersonate his then idol, Elvis Presley. Thank you Mom :) Fast forward...this Old Country Boy is now performing to mixed crowds young and old singing the songs that are in his heart and he feels privileged. 

Dance to country that counts!

Vocals - Jeff Sartor


Guitar - Gregg Sartor